AWR European Invasion Tour 2009





Having stormed Ireland last summer, the American Wrestling Rampage landed in France last November, beginning his European Invasion Tour. A tour through France, Germany, Romania and Bulgaria, a first for a European federation. If we found the faithful lieutenants Renee Dupree and Rob Van Dam, their army has expanded to some new recruits, such as Sid, PAC, X PAC; suggesting a major impact on European fans.

The first battle took place in Strasbourg on 17th November, on a quiet and freezing cold night, the AWR troop began its invasion with a good victory in Alsace. Caen, Lille, Le Mans, Limoges and Nantes, cities never ceased to fall under the relentless blows of the German division.



After having triumphed and delivered a good performance, the European Invasion Tour came in Germanic land. Despite a last-minute cancellation at the German border, and a shift of focus at the end, it took no less than the arrival of the General Bret 'The Hitman' Hart to motivate the troops. With this appearance, the division was motivated.

That was all it took to continue the march across Romania, to reach Bucharest on December 4. Bulgaria followed almost immediately the surrender of the cities of Verna December 5, and its capital Sofia, the next day.

This is a victorious AWR returning to France on December 8 in Toulouse and reached its delivery point, the city of Marseille on December 9. It was mission accomplished.

If Sid Vicious had been forced to leave hurriedly the tour due to injury which prevented him to perform by the middle of the first French dates, otherwise everything went very well.



         April Hunter and Sheppard 


European crowds had fun watching once again Renee Dupree, RVD, Sabu but especially Shawn Maxer, Suicide Machine and Delicious Dunkie present from the beginning in 2008 and never ceases to amaze me. Matches between Dunkie, PAC and Shawn were all about high flying style. Between a Dunkie too confident, an explosive PAC and Shawn affirming his love for his Irish land, high flying wrestling moves keep coming at a frenetic pace.



PAC and Portia Perez 


The great hiatus of the Tour was undoubtedly the absence of the lovely Miss Perfection, the ravishing Rachelle StClaire charmed the crowds last week. Romania, Bulgaria and the inhabitants of Toulouse and Marseille were lucky. Blessed are the fans who could attend each night to watch the fights between Rene Dupree, RVD, Sabu and Jo E.Legend. If this tour coincided with the coming of the WWE for 2 consecutive nights in Lyon, the young Irish federation accepted the challenge to fulfill his umpteenth tour, proving once again that it is possible to see on a regular basis a federation in Europe.



(All the photos were taken at the Limoges show)