American Wrestling rampage 2008 Tour

A few months ago, I learned the coming of a European federation which would stop in Lyon, announcing many big names in the business and even some women wrestlers . Humm that is  interesting!! Sceptic me?? no let’s say the French vision of wrestling quite disappoints me. . But I can’t get off my mind some names, such as Tatanka, Ball Mahoney, René Duprée, Sabu, Sunny and Bret Hart. Did I mention Sunny et Bret the Hitman Hart in Lyon, one thing for sure, guess who will be there !

After that an appointment was taken with the people in charge of the communication at the Hall Tony Garnier, CMP decided to send a team of two people to cover the event. I was glad to be part of this adventure. Once in, it was with a great pleasure and thanks to a press backstage pass that I could watch with my eyes the organization of the show,  And I mean the job of the local team of the hall Tony Garnier, and of course the one of the AWR, the wrestling federation.  The American Wrestling Rampage with a so relaxed  style prepared us a great show, some French federation should try to learn a lot from them (oops let’s not be too hard on them). Something very important come to my mind during the show, this tour is a very special one for the French people, see it’s the first opportunity for he gaulois to see a wrestling show with some real lights and pyrotechnics effect, you can trust a Yankee on this one.

Humm I won’t develop in detail all matches that took place this night, concentring myself on developing the most important aspect of the evening: the show of course. It was  a so memorable night for so many things: thanks to Bret Hart who gave us his last show in France, saying thank you and goodbye to all of us. His farewell was so emotional.It was a night to be remembered .I will always remember, our talk with Bret the Hitman Hart on his new book release, Sabu who was trying to get some chairs backstage, Ball Mahoney yelling at my back, saying we forgot him on the train, fans went from their seats to the autograph session. Wrestlers close to their fans, a so memorable night. The wrestling match offered  by The Alpha Female and Liza Fury was a real good performance, proving that we could have real great women wrestlers in Europe, a true miracle.

Scott Garland with Sheppard and Cyrile of Country Music Planet

U-Gene and Sheppard

Sabu and Sheppard

I can’t forget the total surprise of the German wrestler, The alpha female hoots by everybody except me. Imagine the night, everybody on the size of the uk female wrestler Liza Fury, but not me, what a good laughs!!.  See it’s a long story between English and Americans, way back from the independence in 1776. The incomprehension of Liza Fury was delightful. As you could guess if  Bret Hart has stolen the show, the beautiful Sunny kept everybody ‘s attention, finally a true diva in France, it was just a matter of time. But don’t panic, the next generation is already here as I discover the delightful Rachel Saint Clair, alias Miss Perfection, a perfect fit for the miss. It doesn’t mean Sunny is ready to give up, I think everybody will agree with me on this one, Suny please stay as long as you want !!!!, you have so much to offer. The wrestling match opposing team Perfection versus Tammy Sytch & the originals of the ECW was huge, real great one, real fans would understand me. The federation delivers us a great show, exulting with the Marseillaise with the French flag on the side of .. a Québécois, René Duprée. A Big night for René which was happy to be a face and the most popular wrestler of the arena, unusual fact for an ancient member of the WWE team, la résistance. He finally got what he deserves. The main event show us René Duprée versus Test, yes you well  heared, the  ex champion of The ECW was here. The event was full with great  performers.



The Alpha Female


Miss Perfection, so perfect...



The American Wrestling Rampage is a federation to watch, if you could stop by, do not hesitate, it’s really a great show. The wresters are very close to their fans, the action is guaranteed, it’s a kind of total package in wrestling.

There will have one more thing to add on my list in 2009, to assist of their next tour in France and of course to know a little more on their diva. They really amaze me as well as other European wrestlers but don’t worry about that; I will personally solve this case.

The team of CMP has interviewed with pleasure, René Duprée and Tammy Sytch, you can listen them by clicking in the correct part of the website.


Bret Hart and Cyrille

Sheppard with a lady friend (The Alpha Female on the left and Rachel St Clair "miss Perfection" on the right) 


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