American Wrestling Rampage Tour 2009



It you recall, four months ago, The American Wrestling Rampage came to France, an unexpected success for this wrestling organization in France. Just think, a roster consisted of American stars and the best European talent in sport Entertainment Sports: something you don’t often see. Well here we are, after months of expectations, the AWR is back in our country for his second tour, and yes as says the spot of a rather famous TV channel: "The heroes are back."

But what does this tour hold? Humm let’s take a moment to see the line-up, Shawn Maxer, Suicide Machine, Mascarita, Chris Masters, Sabu, isn’t it sweet?. Hold On! I just read two essential names, Rene Dupree and Rob Van Dam. And yes you read correctly, the French phenomenon, and Mr Pay Pay View are part of this tour. So It would be difficult to not be satisfied.

It’s with a few months in advance that we made contact with the Irish federation, in order to interview wrestlers, including to tell you a little more about the beautiful Miss perfection from Team Perfection, a complete stranger some months ago but has left a great memory in everyone's minds. But let's focus on the show first.

Scott Garland aka Scotty The Hotty is back

Paul Tracey and Heidenreich

Brazito de Plata and Mascarita Sagrada

First of all I must say that this federation still amazed us with the quality of their wrestling moves, rarely achieved in France. The team of Shawn Maxer and Suicide Machine gives us a show of the highest quality, high flyers, if you like action and acrobatics then you'll love this team. But the evening can not be described as one game, you may say, then I look back at the women's match between the young Portia Perez and my compatriot Serena Deeb, who gave us a good performance honoring the women's division of the AWR. It is with pleasure that the crowd was able to rediscover team perfection, a wrestling force that was able to be perfected relative to its first tour, a Rachelle St Claire aka Miss Perfection who gaining confidence around the ring had fun several times responding to the audience, joking with fans. But do not forget the presence of other wrestlers such as Chris Mordetzky (formerly Chris Masters) as well as Gangrel and especially the evening team Scotty The Hotty and none other than Marty Jannetty. But wait!, one has not forgotten the principal, the main event of the evening, Rene Dupree defending his title against RVD and Sabu. This is the match previews that pretty much sums up the quality of the entire show.


RVD and Richard


RVD and Sheppard

Once again I can only stress the very good wrestling level of this federation which keeps rising in Europe, and that we would be pleased to return to the French territory later at the end of the year, but shhh I didn’t tell you anything. Then the ambiance of their show is electric, to say the least, the AWR also keeps its proximity with his fans, it's pretty easy for the public to get autographs and talk to wrestlers at the end of the shows, which is quite rare not to mention it. They are always listening to their fans so enjoy it.

So for those who has not yet figured it out, I'll try to make it simple, a great wrestling show, famous names, impressive as ever, the AWR confirms and signs, what more can you ask for?

If you have the opportunity to attend one of their shows, stop by and say hello, you will spend a pleasant evening I can guarantee you that.

On the next tour do not worry, we will still look a little more into the AWR, European and female wrestlers and you will learn more about Rachelle StClaire "Miss Perfection".

We would also particularly like to thank Anne O'Brien and Célian Varini for their kindness and help backstage, our French flagship commentator confirmed that wrestling is all about passion.

The CMP team had the pleasure of interviewing Rene Dupree, Suicide Machine Shawn Maxer, Portia Perez and an exclusive interview with the enigmatic and yet charming Rachelle StClaire "Miss Perfection", you can find them in the corresponding category.

"That hurts"

Chris Mordetzky "Master" and Sheppard

Chris Mordetzky "Master" and Richard

Serena Deeb and Sheppard 

              Thanks to :
Anne O’Brien
              Célian Varini
              All AWR wrestlers


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