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At the European Invasion Tour of the American Wrestling Rampage, Sheppard of the American Culture Scope had the pleasure to interview Joe E.Legend, a wrestler that is seen quite often in France.

The interview is available in handwritten Version.


Joe E.Legend and Sheppard

Handwritten Version:



American Culture Scope: Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Joe E.Legend: I am Joe E.Legend, I'm from Ontario in Canada. I was trained by a lot of names you have already heard about, WWE Superstars: Edge and Christian, TNA Petey Williams. I'm doing this for 18 years, worldwide. I have won titles all over the world and I am part of this AWR tour …



ACS: Where did you get this passion for wrestling?

J EL: I do kung fu and king Boxing for 10 years. I had come to a point where I was doing well, but I couldn't make a living. I've always been a fan of wrestling, and my father gave me the idea. He always took me to see wrestling as a kid. I spent 3 months to train myself in Canada, and then I went to Japan, it was a success until now. I was lucky.



ACS: What do you like about sport Entertainment?

J E.L: I love to travel. I am terrified about remains immobile. I can’t sit behind a desk, which is pretty funny because I write articles for a magazine, Catchmag. I love to see the world and live the maximum experience. I'm never home but at the same time I have the opportunity to visit the world and see things. For me the important thing is really being able to travel.





ACS: Would you rather be a heel or face?

J E.L: It's more fun to be a heel (bad guy). It's always fun getting paid to be the bad guy. But lately I am loved by the crowds in most places where I go, and it was wonderful, it really works well for me. Sometimes it's a little hard to try to make people hate you but it's still fun, people don’t usually see you so they want to be behind you during matches, that is why it helps to be a good wrestler.



ACS: What are your reactions to this AWR tour?

J E.L: So far it was great, all is well. The only sad thing is that I miss my children. I become a real woman when it comes to my children. Other wrestlers laugh at me on the bus, when I show them pictures of my children or I talk to them on the phone. But I have a pretty tough character.



ACS: As a professional wrestler, what advice could you give to the French who would like to become a wrestler?

J EL: I would say master individual sports and buy more adhesive tape (the poster of the AWR standing behind Joe and Sheppard just fell). That's what I would tell them buy more adhesive tape (laughs).

First, I would tell them master individual sports, football is a good sport. But in order to gain confidence and to get used to the idea of ​​competition, box and king boxing are a good step. It must be a sport where you fight on your own, and to lose or win depends only on you, it's how you develop your self-confidence to do anything.

In number two, Cardio exercises are crucial it’s really very important. You need a good entraiment in the middle of a ring, your heart is not going to stop making jumps and sometimes for long periods. It’s better to avoid heart attacks. So these are the two main points at least physically. The third thing although I hate to say is to always have a way out. I returned to college and studied communication for radio and television. So I could work for the radio in case. It even helps me in my TV promos and I'm quite comfortable when I have to speak to a crowd. Having an alternative means to not be forced to accept everything you are offered, take a step back and not do this because you have to eat tomorrow.



ACS: Do you have a blog or a website to track your career?

J EL: Yes, my website is and I'm on facebook with my real name, Joe E. Legend. I have a MySapce, but I don’t know how to use it, a friend of my girlfriend gave it to me as a gift for my birthday. And I write my biography for a French magazine, catchmag every month chronologically. I write a chapter, we are in Chapter 4.



ACS: Can you say a few words to your fans who listen to you?

J E.L: As nice or bad guy?

ACS: As bad.

E.L J: It's was about time you show. Here I work like a dog for you and here is the reception I have. I should have food, gifts, and beautiful women ablaze me, and now I'm sitting here talking with Ricky Steamboat, which is not bad but could be better.

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December 2009

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