Interview with Marie Dazzler and Vicky Layne




On Saturday, October 4, 2008, Country Music Planet had the pleasure of covering the meeting of two country music band, Marie Dazzler and Vicky Layne together. So we decided to ask two of our columnists, Sheppard and Tikeup to go to the event.

As complementary as different, both hosts of our radio broadcast The CMP Show that make you discover every Sunday night the best country music songs on our website, asked questions without vague or ambiguous word to Marie Dazzler and Vicky Layne.


The interview is available as a podcast.

Find this audio interview on the CMP Radio website.         




We remind you that you can find these Artists with the following albums:

Marie Dazzler –COWGIRL DELUXE (2008)

Vicky Layne – Be True (2004)

Mahogany Spirit – Soul Mates (2002)



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