Jody Abernthy and the internationnals




Imagine my surprise while reading the poster, a country concert with an American band arrived in Tarare from Georgia. This is yet another good initiative from a line dance association, the "Kick Riders”. If the poster was one of the most sympathetic, I must say that the location brought a certain kind of charm to the evening. Forested landscapes, small hills, the Lyon countryside is quite pleasant to look at. The concert venue is easy to locate, all you had to do was find the American cars of the V8 forever Club, always ready.



The cars of the V8 forever Club


After having discovered the place, we saw the kindness of the organizers and especially their passion for a style of music, country. As expected we were able to get an interview with the band Jody Albernthy because they are indeed 4 people, one singer, one guitarist, one bass player and one drummer. Full of life, they communicated their passion and love for this music, honest and genuine people, rarely seen nowadays.


The Lyon suburb does not lack charm


David Loison


We saw few goods stands, just the right amount, a period of time for line dancers before the concert, respect for singers to listen to their music and support them. We could sum up the evening in that way, the positive point were: a room with excellent acoustics, good technicians, small lighting effects and of course a friendly atmosphere. On the negative side: We would have liked a second representation ... In summary, a good evening with a band who sounded quite traditional and this is perhaps what made the difference that night, we hope to see them again soon in France and that the association "Kick Riders" continues on this path, because we want some more.


From left to right: bassist Josh and Mark Mundy at the electric guitar


               Mark Mundy and Jody Abernathy




John Paul Langdon and Jody Abernathy    















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