Marie Dazzler & Vicky Layne at the Rail Theater 2008








After some difficulties finding the place, Tikeup and I arrived just in time in front of the Rail Theater where fans were already starting to crowd together.  Let's not forget, we were at the premiere of a double performance, including Vicky Layne (the young singer who greatly surprised me with her last album, "Be True") and Marie Dazzler (who I had already encountered as part of the group that brought them together: Mahogany Spirit). The evening was to be a bit particular for the second singer, as Marie Dazzler took the opportunity to present a new opus that evening, which if I am not mistaken will become her single on her first solo album. 

                                     And the winner is......                                                                                   This is the story of a guy




Once on stage the duo, so different and yet so complementary, gave us a great show. Between the madness which emerged from Marie Dazzler who can't help but move around on stage (she reminds me a bit of Dwight Yoakam) and Vicky Layne who is calmer, a soft enthusiasm made its way free from the latter. Her virtuosity on the guitar, whether it is acoustic or electric, is captivating. A good duo, sweet sorcery was offered to each of us, simple spectators that we were.  

Vicky Layne

Marie Dazzler & Vicky Layne

Marie Dazzler surprised me greatly. She is able to sing in English (without the French accent if you please), in French and in Spanish quite well. We were lucky enough to be able to listen to a few titles from their group Mahogany Spirit, as three members from the group were all present with Bruno the Dobro player. It was a little like a family reunion. I could hear dance steps behind me, the evening passed to the sound of guitars, Marie went from left to right, and Vicky Layne allowed us to admire her musical talent. Guitars would change and it would all start over. Between a pianist who knew how to play along with every member of her group (I'm quoting Vicky Layne), a good drummer, good guitarist and Bruno Liger on the Dobro, it was all in all a good evening.


Play With The Devil                                                   Starting off on the piano




Le Baptiste  Bruno Liger

Marie Dazzler & Vicky Layne

The concert was a great performance and I don't think it will be the last. It is so rare to see good artists in France, so why not taking advantage of it ?  I on the other hand made the most of Mary's presence from the group "Mary and Co." who came as a spectator only to have a brief chat. No really, it was worth being there this evening Even though I had the impression that there were a great deal of professionals there that evening and despite the fact that the hall wasn't packed, I was told that they would be filming the concert live. Now that is a great idea for a French band: What better way to promote their music than in DVD. It might give idea to others …


Marie Dazzler & Vicky Layne


Oh Lord !

Line Dancing

Mary and Sheppard