Nu Wrestling Evolution 2009 Tour







For nearly a year the French wrestling community, take on ever greater importance. Wrestling schools crowded, European federations are increasingly coming to France,  we can feel this phenomenon build up over time. It is with enthusiasm that I learned the presence of the NWE in France. Known as the Nu Wrestling Evolution, an Italian Wrestling federation quite important in Europe. The latter being known enough to have done some pretty successful tours in Spain and Italy, with the coming of Utlimate Warrior. But the NWE is also often associated with such names as Juventud Guerrera, Rikishi, Black Pearl, Vito and a certain Orlando Jordan.

And yes the roster is attractive and we decided therefore to contact the Federation for a report on one of their date, the St Etienne show on April 2. I want to thank Sylvano for allowing us to interview the NWE roster at their hotel. You can read or listen to the interviews with the Destiny Girls: Annie Social, Sarah Jones and such wrestlers as Black Pearl, Snistky, Regina and Orlando Jordan. One thing is certain: the professionalism and good atmosphere go hand in hand with this team.

According to many, the NWE was often associated with sport entertainment. Clearly once before the ring, I could see the care applied by the technical team. The arena was well done, there was a special entrance for the wrestlers and a giant screen, a first in France, if we take off the WWE. It must be recognized that many things look like the famous company, perhaps simply because the NWE is closer to the Entertainment concept.


Andy Simmonz is ready for his Triple Threat Match


Do not forget Jody Fleish