American Night at the Lyon Vert Casino






Try to imagine my excitement when I learned that on the upcoming evening of October 24th, I was going to be able to combine my two greatest passions: listening to Country Music in  a Casino. Any great Texas-Hold'em amateur understands what I'm talking about. Even if the decor wasn't exactly well chosen, the Lyon Vert casino was still beautiful enough to warrant a visit. The West Lyon area  added a certain tranquility to its charm. But what brought us here was the American Night hosted by the casino: Imagine one evening, three artists, and three separate styles. I can hear you telling me that this was already a good start .

Even if the evening started off with the foot-steps of line-dancers (and yes, they are always there) there were no worries to have about joining in with that evening's ambiance. For the first time I didn't see anyone wearing spurs or colts, I guess they would not have been allowed in the casino. The ambiance turned towards the West, which I thought was very appropriate.   

Let's dance


This evening we could listen to  three artists all with different styles. The first to perform on stage was the singer Yanne Matis known also as the lead-singer of the band MATIS. She delivered a great performance through her particularly folk-style. The middle of the evening was locked up by an artist who I wasn't familiar with, Dan Dickson, and I must say that it was amazing: A French singer  with a heavy voice looking like Johnny Cash’s voice, who even had the same accent if you please. A quality performance for someone who might have covered a singer yet still showed identity in his own compositions which all in all is something rare in France. He showed the capacity to live through the songs he interpreted. To close the show, the Rock and Roll fans were happy to have the chance to hear "Jack Bon".

Yanne Matis; Good, sweet Country Music

                Yanne Matis and Dan Dickson

Dan Dickson and Jack Bon


And to conclude the evening, the Country Music Planet team had the pleasure of interviewing two of the artists present that night:  Yanne Matis and Dan Dickson. I therefore invite you to check out their recorded interviews.