Sugarland Love on the inside Tour 2009



A few months ago, I received a call from our chief editor of the CMP announcing the coming of Sugarland in Europe, which is rather good news, I think we would all agree on that. So you can imagine my surprise when I was asked to cover the single representation of this French tour, the band coming to Paris at the Showcase. Once again: Sugarland in Paris! currently one of the most popular country band, 2009 Grammy Award winners and many other ACM and CMA awards, are performing in France for a unique representation at the Showcase on March 10th, interesting, isn’t it?.


On the banks of the Seine, under the Alexander III bridge with a splendid view of the Eiffel Tower, the Showcase is a particularly charming place. If the venue was not one of the biggest, it offered a certain privacy with the group that delighted everyone. One of the pleasant surprises of the concert was due to the fact that there was a high proportion of Anglo-Saxon at the show, and yes it was nice to finally see a country concert in France, where people sing almost all the words, a communion in some ways, the language barrier seemed to fade away for one night, as disappearing little by little thanks to a larger force, that of Sugarland. Strength, energy they needed a lot of it. Full of life, the duo gave us a simply stunning performance. Singing the songs that made their success with their first two albums, Twice the Speed of Life and Enjoy the Ride, Jennifer and Kristian interpreted also the songs of their latest albums, Love on the Inside. Do not worry everything was fine, you would really have to be difficult to not be satisfied. From Baby girl to Something More, going through All I wan to Do and Genevieve, the duo most charismatic songs were performed. I was even pleasantly surprised by their superb interpretation of Who Says You Can't Go Home, and yes the famous title released in 2005 with Bon Jovi. The concert confirmed what was already assumed to be true, Jennifer and Kristian are true country artists, they do not lie, the energy and passion we can find on their television appearances and music videos, are found into their live performances.




  Jennifer Nettles      Kristian Bush 

If we can say one thing, it’s that Sugarland did not make fun of their fans, a stunning stage presence, an impressive atmosphere, the perfect alchemy. Between the body langage of Jennifer, Kristian’s solos, the concert has shown what true Country Music is. And for the lucky few, including me, who had the pleasure to meet them before their concert, I can bear witness to their kindness and patience. I can only urge you to discover their latest album, Love on the Inside, which is an absolute gem, in my opinion, but not only. Take advantage of discovering or rediscovering their previous two albums, very good, Twice the Speed of Life and Enjoy the Ride.

You will soon find online an interview with Sugarland looking back at this unforgettable evening.




Sheppard & Charles McGregor avec Sugarland

Sheppard & Charles-Edouard Macquet with Sugarland


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