Republican Victory in Massachusetts




Dear French this is truly an historic event,


On the night of January 19, Massachusetts State was a Democrat stronghold in America, went on the side of the Republicans to replace Ted Kennedy. Just one year after the arrival of Barack Obama at the White House, this is a major setback for the Liberal party.

This election proved very important, both for its practical consequences and symbolic. Just think, this seat had not been under Republican control since January 1953, which you will agree is worth an article. Just think, a month ago nobody would have given a chance for the elephant camp, but the Obama's magic is gone. The hardest thing for the president is that the debate of the Republican side was very focused against his social reforms, yet this state was won over 60% in the last presidential election by Barack Obama.

The people of Massachusetts have spoken, thus clearly opposing this reform and management of the United States by the Liberals.


Democrats losing their majority in the Senate, re-reading the social reform promises to become even more eventful.

Note that this is the third Democrat setbacks since Barack Obama’s election.


A few days before his "State of the Union", and nine months before the congressional elections, Barack Obama will have to prove he can plays this convey role the United States needs.


Final result :


Scott Brown (Republican): 52%

Martha Coakley (Démocrat) : 47%




The American Culture Scope team would like to thank the editorial staff who have stayed up late, following this live election wether Democrats or Republicans.




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