Wrestlemania Revenge Tour 2011





Only two months after their DX Invasion Tour after they had filled the Halle Tony Garnier, WWE returned with its Worldwide Tour 2011 in Lyon.

Just after Wrestlemania 27, the equivalent of the Super Bowl for the WWE, it's with the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour that the most popular wrestling federation in the world was once again preparing to spend two days in Lyon.

Is it the sweetness of life in Lyon? French culture? Anyway WWE stopped four times with three different cities in France for this tour.

When we talk about WWE, we think about the global leader in the entertainment industry, broadcasting these programs in more than 145 countries in 30 different languages, and affecting more than 500 million homes worldwide. With a turnover for 2010 of $ 138.7 million, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Mexico City, Singapore and Toronto, WWE crash the NFL and NBA in the USA.

It is therefore with great interest for this sport entertainment that the Halle was packed for two consecutive days. Following a serious injury, WWE superstar Edge was retiring, and these shows was therefore an opportunity for him to say goodbye to his European fans. Lyon would be his last date. Present since 1999, the WWE superstar, received a standing ovation worthy of the greatest day of Gerland, it was like a Champions League night.

For a significant number of smackdown superstars made the trip: Kane, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, not forgetting the lovely Kelly Kelly, who reminded us that the divas were popular.


Rey Mysterio

It is with enthusiasm that we were present at the gala on Saturday, April 23, 2011. And I can assure you that as usual, WWE has demonstrated its expertise, its way to entertain its fans. We must recognize that only WWE managed to draw such a varied audience like that, from children to grandparents. Everyone was delighted.

The show allowed the audience to have a good time. Between a battle royal as soon as it starts, a women fight, a fight with the charismatic Rey Mysterio, everyone was having a blast. But it’s with the main event of the evening with Alberto Del Rio and Christian in a great street fight, announced just before the fight by the newly retired and manager of the evening Edge, we reached the climax.

It's with many tears in their eyes and loud chants that the lyonnais thanked and said goodbye to Edge. He came back in the middle of the ring with his friends at the end of the show to thank the fans.


WWE took up the challenge to produce 4 show in a row in France and have succeed. While those who were able to attend these chows rest assured, WWE will be back in France with its next world tour. For three dates, Thursday, Sept. 1 in Nîmes, then in Paris on the 2nd and 4th of the same month. Yes I know we will have to wait a little and that's the hardest part. And there is more good news, WWE recently announced the production of 9 movies in 2012, I can hear some that will stand up to express their joy.






Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston


Kane & The BigShow



Kane in action









Are you ready ?



  Beth Phoenix and Layla



The Divas



Kelly Kelly



Layla in action



Beth Phoenix and her finisher, the "Glam Slam"










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