Eleven Hundred Springs At Chaponost







On the night of 20 February 2010, it was the occasion for our team to discover a new line dancing association at Chaponost near Lyon: Chap's Country.

After borrowing a myriad of small dirt roads, our ACS team finally reached their destination, the Municipal hall for a unique concert with Eleven Hundred Springs, a country rock band from Texas. You read it right, this band composed of 5 people play Outlaw country well, a rare style at the moment right that deserves to be highlighted. A friendly welcome, a well-decorated room, the evening started in a good way. If we would found some merchant stands at the entry whose theme revolved around the US and country music as usual, we had to go into the main hall to attend the concert.




The evening proceeded in 3 stages, the first and the third dedicated to line dancing, the second as you can imagine was the concert of the Texan band.

Eleven Hundred Springs had impressed during their last year visit to La Tour De Slavagny Country Music Festival, they came back this year in our region after a concert in Disneyland Paris.

Texans were welcomed as they should be by this association of Chaponost, the atmosphere of the evening allowed everyone to spend pleasant moments.

Quality music, people with a love for music, that was all it took to Eleven Hundred Springs to give us such a high calibre of music.







        Matt Hillyer  




An electrifying music, catchy, accompanied by some very good solos, which were too much for the electric module of the room, breaking the fuses several times, unable to keep up with the band. This evening was a good discovery marked by warmth and passion for country music like its president Claude, and we hope that this association continues to surprise us like this.




The room of Chap's Country



"I am fortunate to have a great mayor who lends us the room every month."

  - The President of Chap's Country




The room



"Chap's country currently has 70 members. Our goal is the line dance, western or new country and also to promote music in our region. It is true that we are a young organization, we only have two years but we let ourselves planning a concert every month, just for the music. Tonight we receive Eleven ... it is true that the dance and the music animate me as president, we have a danse educator who is also great. And above all we have a very good team of dancers. "

- The President of Chap's Country




Eleven Hundred Springs



"Our goal is to really have fun ... we want to respect the friendliness. My goal is that Chap's country, the scene of Chaponost are known for very good concerts, a great organization."

- The President of Chap's Country 



  The upcoming dates: On march 27 with Kevin Buckley, and April 23 with Tennessee Stud.


Thanks to :

Claude, Chap's Country

Eleven Hundred Springs


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