Interview with a visitor to the Salvagny Country Tour




On September 12 during our coverage of the 5th Salvagny Country Tour we took advantage of this opportunity to pause the space of a moment, short of course, to collect impressions of a visitor of this event. Thus we interviewed Chantal, a Country Music fan as numerous people who came to the festival as a visitor. We asked her a few questions to find out who applied such events, we asked her what she thought of Dick Rivers concert.

Our goal is to explain both our music as well as our culture, it’s also our desire to give you the floor to express yourself on topics related to culture, it’s also part of our mission. So here is a brief interview with Chantal, after all the purpose of a passion is to share it, isn’t it ...


First of all thank you for allowing us to take your impressions on Dick Rivers concert and this festival?


1)     Does the coming of Dick Rivers was the decision maker for you to come to this festival?

No, we come to the festival since its creation.


2)     In a few lines what did you think of dick Rivers’s performance?

  I enjoyed the concert. Johnny and Eddy Mitchell, it’s one of the few authentic rock singers to always be on the French scene. Unlike Johnny and Eddy who have changed their music and stage presence over the years, Dick has remained true to its beginnings, his music and his stage presence remains unchanged. We are in the mood of the 60s. He is accompanied by excellent musicians. A very good time.


  3)     Do you think the organizers were right to bring such a singer to a country music festival?

  Yes definitely. The festival also invites many country music artists, blues and rock. With its many adaptations of American famous songs. Dick Rivers fully meets its criteria.


4)     Was this the first time that you came to a country festival, or even here? If not, will you go to other festivals ?


I come to the festival since its inception. I am also going to:

-     Festival Country Rendez-vous in Craponne sur Arzon (end of July) held for over 30 years and is the No. 1 in Europe.

-    Some time Equiblues in St-Agrève (August 15): festival focuses primarily on the rodeo, smoke problems under the big top concert (despite the ban) made us give up.


5)     What did you like most about this festival?

-     Atmosphere.

-     The exhibition of classic American car.

-     Native American exhibit (tipi, lifestyle …).

-     The quality of craft stands "authentic”.

-     Well the music of course.r


6)     How did you find this edition from previous ones?

Unfortunately, the organizers can’t help it, the weather was not welcoming, there were fewer people.


7)     In your opinion what should be done to improve the next edition?

The exhibition of American cars is a good idea, and it would be nice to develop this animation to bring more exhibitions on American culture, past and contemporary:

    -    American cars: add a photo exhibition with a few words of explanation about the history of these cars, their industry and make the connection with the current American models.

    -    add an exhibition about America today: its cars, the diversity of states, their people, their way of life, and of course the music.

              -    the idea would be to situate country music in American history.


8)     What attracts you in country music and American culture in general? 


   I have not had the opportunity to go to the United States (yet), but our histories are intertwined, our lifestyles are very close, and I am very curious to know and understand the Americans without forgetting Native Americans of course.


9)     What are your favorite country music artist?

  I loved Country Cooking, James Hand ... These festivals are an opportunity for us to discover these artists that we know little about, and buy their CD.


10)     Which artists would you like to see either to La Tour de Salvagny, or in France?

I'm not expert enough to suggest artists. I trust the organizers because it’s their specialty.



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