our approach





The American Culture Scope has its origin of a common wish.

The desire to overcome cultural and ideas differences, political and religious divisions between France and the United States.
The desire to support and explain to the French, this continent-country that is the USA. Vast world, so popular and yet so little known in France.
The desire to support and explain to the Americans, France and its values, sometimes common to the US, sometimes so different.
The desire to listen, exchange, explain, observe the facts more than long speeches ... even upset some given ideas brainwashed by all, contributing to the closing of this gulf of misunderstanding between these two worlds, yet so close and yet so distant.


But that building a multicultural society without empowering its people to understand its foundations and values that define it, can only cause more violent in depth changes, more chaotic relationships, the rise of despair and a certain ruin.

Convinced individually by this principle, we decided to create an independent media, The American Culture Scope; to think, observe, learn, explain and inform about the differences between France and the United States.
We will share our analysis of these differences and their impact on our lifestyle.

We will explain these numerous differences by making a clean sweep of preconceived ideas, to speak frankly, with a stated goal:

"You allow to decipher what was indecipherable, to be open to new opportunities, to replace the fear of what is different, by understanding the other.”


No advertising, no state subsidy, with complete independence of mind.
Convinced that understanding can only arise from the contradictory debate, we will confront ideas without preconceived notions, without ulterior motives, without dogma, without taboos and without pressure of any kind. Our principle will be: no idea, if based on factual arguments, will be sweep away without having been seriously analyzed beforehand.