Sheppard Micoud


My name is Sheppard Micoud

I am a journalist and editor manager at the American Culture Scope. Since the 90s, through my work, my hobbies, I always found myself between two cultures, the USA and France.

I started this website in January 2008 to share my passion of American culture, history and country music. I started to write album reviews and articles on American culture, bringing together all the necessary information for French citizens wishing to travel to the United States.

Becoming a journalist on American culture and country music, many American in France asked me to answer their questions from 2009, which I continue to do it with pleasure.

This site has grown, becoming much more important than I could have imagined. Thus allowing to receive many albums to review, artists to interview. New people were added to the project that seemed impossible at first, created a credible and professional internet media.

Four years later: multiple interviews, over 800 reviews and numerous reports in various European countries, we are always here.

For me country music tells a story, that of the United States. In America we say that country is above all: three chords and the truth. This music is a reflection of its culture, rich and varied. From its humble beginnings, it has become today one of the most listened to in the world.

The American Culture Scope is to address topics on American culture and promote country music, Christian music and wrestling. Although it’s sometimes difficult to deal with such task, with my team we try to do our best.

If we must never lose sight of our goal, this adventure allowed me to meet some great people, passionate, French and Americans, both amateur and professional. It’s always a joy to be able to share and exchange with such people.

My hope is to someday live full time in the music industry or deal with topics on American culture.

I will end with a quote that defines the "pursuit of the American dream" or rather "The Pursuit of Happiness" so dear to the American people::


"To realize something really extraordinary, you have to begin by dreaming about it. Then, wake up calmly and go to the end of your dream. Never give up. »


Sheppard Micoud